Ciao, Argentina

My study abroad trip finished quicker than I imagined, yet I still look back and realize how much I did within my five months in Argentina. I'm going to miss the country so much. I'll miss walking the uneven sidewalks of the city, gazing up at the trees that canopy over the streets. I'm going … Continue reading Ciao, Argentina

Songs that will get you pumped to travel

Before I left for my study abroad trip in Argentina, I created a playlist that I could listen to on the way there that would get me excited and pumped to travel, even though I was already dying to go. I thought I would share with you my Spotify playlist so you can listen to … Continue reading Songs that will get you pumped to travel

Salta: Licking Rocks and Turning Water into Medicine

I never thought I would have the opportunity to hike up a mountain, lick rocks, turn water into medicine and purify myself in a cave, but Salta, Argentina, has exceeded all my expectations. We left for Salta around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday and then took a bus from Salta to Jujuy, Argentina. Salta and Jujuy are … Continue reading Salta: Licking Rocks and Turning Water into Medicine

Last Month in Buenos Aires

It's hard to believe I have less than a month left in Argentina. "Time is fleeting," as Riff Raff says in Rocky Horror Picture Show, of which I saw the Spanish version on Tuesday. My whole experience in Argentina has been a roller-coaster ride with a lot of uphill. I have so many great memories … Continue reading Last Month in Buenos Aires

Learning about Buenos Aires’ History

From Pope Francis to the genocides in Argentina, many historical figures and events I recently have taken tours of have taught me about the history of Buenos Aires. I also have been exploring some non-mainstream attractions in the city with friends. In this post, I talk a lot about interesting history and so you don't get … Continue reading Learning about Buenos Aires’ History


Here's an anecdote about how I came to be drinking mate with my bus drivers at 5 a.m. The bus ride to Mendoza was supposed to be 14 hours long, but with traffic it ended up being about 19 hours total. A guy dressed like a businessman sat across the aisle from me and this … Continue reading Mendoza

Week 9— Street Art and Colonia, Uruguay

Welcome back to my blog! A couple weekends ago, March 31- April 2, I went on a couple excursions with ISA, my study abroad company. Friday we went on a street art tour, in which we walked around the Coghlan neighborhood of Buenos Aires and looked at graffiti and different kinds of street art. It … Continue reading Week 9— Street Art and Colonia, Uruguay

12 Things I’ve Done while Being Sick

Hello! Thank you for taking a look at my blog about Buenos Aires. I'm sorry for not posting since my Patagonia blog, but I've been dealing with bronchitis and other issues. After a couple trips to the doctor, I am starting to get better, and I'm ready to get back out there to do more … Continue reading 12 Things I’ve Done while Being Sick

Spring Break in Patagonia

I recently returned from my nine-day trip to Patagonia, Argentina, where I climbed mountains, touched glaciers and ate some awesome food. I saw amazing sights that very few people have ever seen, and I feel very grateful. This blog post will be long, as it will cover more than a week of being in one … Continue reading Spring Break in Patagonia

Pretending to Be a Porteño

The post in which I discuss my recent trip to Tigre and my night watching flamenco and eating steak at a secret parrilla.